If your life is less than it could be, this is for you...

"The Self Improvement 'Experts' Claim The Surefire Route To Success Is... Set Goals, Recite Them Every Day, Think Positive, Be Patient... So Why Has Nothing Changed For You?
The Truth... Is These Experts Are All

But The Good News Is... There IS A Way That Works Like Gangbusters...And The Even Better News Is - It's Effort Free!"

From the desk of Noel Jones

Dear Success Seeker,

You Can Now Have Everything You Want In Life...

Enjoy overwhelming self confidence in ANY situation Draw wealth into your life like a magnet
The respect of your loved ones and friends Create breathtaking success in any business venture
Rev up your motivation dynamo to mind-blowing heights! Instantly decide the right answers to complex problems...
Unleash your inner creative genius Supercharge your capacity to love - both yourself and others
Possess an inner drive that blasts through every obstacle like a laser Lose weight effortlessly and permanently!
Enjoy a super-power memory Get the knack of sleeping like a baby anywhere, anytime
Effortlessly throw off bad habits, like smoking Become immune from unfair criticism

ight now, you might be thinking that's a pretty bold claim I've just made, because you've probably tried all this goal setting and positive thinking stuff -- and yet you're no closer to your dream life, than when you started.

And that's because of a couple of simple -- but fundamental -- flaws in most programs, which I've now managed to overcome. So this is what it means for you...

You can achieve ALL you want from life... and you can do it on autopilot, simply by correctly harnessing your existing, built-in success-seeking guidance system.

Hi, my name is Noel Jones and, in just a moment, I'm going to show you exactly how all this is possible -- and why and how you can achieve it all with remarkably little effort. But, right now, let me tell you how I came to make this breakthrough...

I was once where you probably find yourself now... in fact I'm sure I was in a far worse position! You see, I'd just gone through a really traumatic breakdown of a relationship. which left me totally devastated. As a result, my self esteem was at rock bottom.

Fortunately, a concerned friend gave me some subliminal audios. "Well", I thought, "What have I got to lose?" So, more in desperation than hope, I listened to them.

At first, I thought they were changing nothing for me and either this subliminal thing was simply a load of mumbo jumbo... or I was a hopeless case. But - with little else in my life, at the time - I carried on listening on a pretty regular basis.

Then...one day - quite unexpectedly, like the sun finally coming out from behind a big black cloud, my life changed and I was suddenly shocked to realize all the problems that had seemed so daunting a few weeks earlier had all fallen away. I was finally free!

As you can imagine... from that moment on, I was a firm believer!

So I made it my mission to find out all about the human mind and it's amazing capacity to bring us anything we want. And what I discovered was truly awesome...

...because your brain never sleeps and oversees the most complex living, breathing machine it is possible to imagine:

It regulates the beating of your heart, which occurs over 100,000 times every 24 hours for - literally - a lifetime. (Pumping 6,000 quarts of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels)

Decoding complex electrical signals from your eyes allows it to distinguish between over 10 million different colors

Your brain can recognize faces and size up a situation in an instant. (See danger approaching and the brain can react instantly, dumping adrenaline into the blood stream to increase speed and strength ... deciding what action to take and sending a signal to the relevant motor nerves to move you out of danger - and all in a split second!)

Simply drive down town and park, and you'll actually use more computing power than Neil Armstrong needed to land on the Moon. (But then, Neil Armstrong didn't have to predict the actions of other crazy drivers: "He's going for the same parking space I am")

Your brain controls the constant production of complex pharmaceuticals that defy scientific analysis

If the ability of the most advanced computer currently existing was a two story house, the human brain, by comparison, would be a skyscraper covering ten blocks square and reaching to the Moon!

Your brain possesses the capacity to act like a cruise missile. And, like a cruise missile it can be destructive... or it can be a success-seeking missile. It all depends how it is programmed

And here's the most amazing fact of all about your very own brain...

... it's exactly the same model issued to Leonardo daVinci, Mozart and Albert Einstein. The only difference between them and you is they somehow managed to assume mastery of their brain and program it to do their bidding. As a result they became known as geniuses. But, thanks to 21st Century technology, you don't have to fumble around in a hit and miss way, because...

You can now easily transform your life from average to AWESOME!

You see, I was so struck with the astonishing results I had gotten from these subliminal audios that, in the ten years since, I've devoured everything I could find about how to use technology to program the brain to give you all the results you want as effortlessly as possible. But first, let me ask you something...

Have you ever experienced one of those almost magic moments when you feel totally inspired and fearless? Everything is going your way. You are in total control and the whole world seems somehow brighter and more real? And, in this altered state, you find achieving even difficult tasks and solving complex problems effortless?

Then - without warning - this so elusive state fades away...

... and you're back in that same old life. And, in stark contrast to what you've just experienced, it's a mere twilight existence.

That state you briefly experienced is called "being in the zone". It means you are plugged directly into the awesome part of your brain - the subconscious, which is where it really all happens.

As you probably know, there are really two parts to the human brain. The logical, conscious part, which deals with every day tasks like writing out a list of groceries you need to buy at the store or balancing your check book...

And then there's the more mysterious - largely hidden - part: the subconscious mind. In the last ten years, we've discovered 90% of everything we've ever learnt about the human brain and some very interesting facts have emerged, some of which you're going to find surprisingly useful in the quest to transform your life.

It's been long known the subconscious mind is the seat of our emotions, it also contains the intuitive part of our mind... maybe even that fabled "sixth sense". But here's the startling news that we need to concentrate on...

... our subconscious minds contain the seeds of success in every area of our lives, because it has the ability to achieve stunning results in any task you set for it. In fact, you might already have used a tiny part of this amazing power.

Have you ever been faced with a difficult decision and, after turning it over in your mind for a long time, you realize it's late. So you decide to "sleep on it"? Then what happened?

The chances are, next morning, when you were in the bathroom or sitting at the breakfast table, a complete workable solution that had never occurred to you would suddenly come to you, out of the blue!

Now, imagine if you could have that problem solving power available to you instantly, on demand. And imagine how much you could achieve in your life, all the success in relationships and business and all the wealth you could command if you could also enter "the zone" at any time simply by touching a button. But...

The sad truth is it does not work for some people

Here are the two reasons why it fails...

First many people rely on creating their own affirmations. These are the phrases that are to be repeated regularly so they enter the subconscious mind. The idea being the subconscious accepts these, without demure, as fact, and then will work to make them a reality. But here's the first problem...

In order to be really effective, the affirmations have to be very precise indeed. You see, as clever as the subconscious mind is, it is childlike in its need for exact instructions. That's because the language of the subconscious is pictures, not words. So you have to make sure your suggestions bring forth the right picture.

So, if you want to lose weight, you must make the suggestion of what you want -- instead of what you don't want. So what you should say is: "I am slim", then that will bring up a picture of a new, slimmer you, which the subconscious mind will act upon.

But, nine times out of ten, people make the wrong affirmation by saying what they DON'T want: "I don't want to be fat". WRONG! Because that brings up a picture of a fat you. So the subconscious thinks that's what you want -- so that's what you get.

So "placing your order" correctly is vital.

And here's the second important reason why repeating affirmations -- even when worded correctly -- don't work for most people. Let's suppose you've heard about a really powerful person, who has the ability to bestow upon you all manner of blessings, from finding your true soul mate to giving you supreme self-confidence and great wealth. But there's always a catch, isn't there?

You see, in order to get in to see this all powerful person and make your request, you have to get past the dragon lady who sits in the outer office, and whose sole job is to stop people getting in to see her boss. Now she considers her boss's time far too valuable to be wasted on trivia. So, unless your story meets with her approval, you aren't allowed to enter the inner sanctum of her boss's office.

Now, if you imagine the dragon lady is your conscious mind, that's precisely the reason why all your past efforts to recite affirmations (even if correctly worded) have come to nothing.

You see, you've been told to program your subconscious by repeating affirmations, that say you are ALREADY in the position you want to be, because your subconscious mind will accept this as fact and will use its awesome power to bring this into reality.

And that's where the conflict occurs...

Because, if you are using your conscious mind to say affirmations like this, "I own a beach front mansion on the Hawaiian island of Maui", your conscious mind knows very well you DON'T REALLY own a beach front mansion on Maui. So you're wasting your time, because the message simply won't be passed on to your subconscious.

There has to be a better way

There is, and I'm proud to have developed it. So let me illustrate how it works by asking you a question...

Have you ever had a dream so vivid it seemed you were actually living it, not simply watching a movie? Yet in that dream you were doing something totally ridiculous and impossible -- like flying without the aid of a plane? Yet, at that moment, it seemed perfectly rational -- normal even. So what happened?

Simply this: because, when you are in the dream state, your conscious mind was off duty: the dragon lady was out to lunch, so you could simply walk right in to her boss's office, unchallenged!

And that's the double secret of achieving everything you want in life: use professionally created affirmations that are precisely worded to achieve the exact result you want and then by pass your conscious mind and inject them directly into your subconscious!

Easy to say, but not quite so easy to accomplish... until now!

You see, in my ten year mission to tap the awesome power of the mind I've become known as an expert on the technical aspects of mind programming, using videos and sound. What's more I already have experience in producing a very successful set of videos that are getting great results for people (more on that later).

So I've now combined my own personal experience and ten years research into successful subliminal mind programming with this expertise to create a groundbreaking program for totally effortless mind re-programming...

The "Life Transformationz Instant Success Program"

The Life Transformationz Package is so effective, because there are no affirmations to recite and no books to read. Everything you need to succeed is contained in twelve amazing MP3 audios.

Now you can unlock your brain’s massive potential anytime you want, with just a pair of headphones…


The beauty is the whole process is automatic...

All you do is find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed, lie down, relax and switch on.

You'll then be gently relaxed by soothing sounds, such as surf breaking on the sea shore, a waterfall or other natural sounds.

Then the magic begins...

Because there are other signals in the sounds, of which you will be unaware ...and these will slow the rhythm of your brain activity down from the normal Beta level down to an Alpha state and from there, even slower, to the Theta level. The Theta state is just like before you fall asleep, when your subconscious mind is most amenable to suggestions and your conscious mind switched off.

So the carefully created subliminal messages contained in each program easily pass, unhindered, directly into the subconscious mind, making them totally effective and bringing about the changes you want surprisingly quickly.

All you need do is select which of the twelve life changing programs you want to concentrate on, slip on your headphones, lie back and look forward to another relaxing session, while your new life is being prepared for you, behind the scenes. Absolutely EFFORT FREE.

So let me take you by the hand, past the smoking ruins of failed relationships, broken dreams, low self-esteem and abject failure and on up to better days and the warm sunlight of success that will shortly become so familiar to you.

There are a full twelve programs in this revolutionary package, each scientifically created to maximize results in specific areas...

Program #1

Healthy Self Esteem

The foundation upon which all your success is built is having a high regard for yourself. So this is the foundation program, upon which all the other programs build.

Program #2

Skyrocket Your Self Confidence

Most people fail before they start, purely because they lack confidence and therefore expect to fail. So, once you have worked on your self esteem, this program will give you the bullet-proof confidence to tackle any project in sure and certain expectation of rip-roaring success.

Program #3

Fire Up Your Motivation

Along with lack of confidence, procrastination and lack of motivation can rob you of success, by stopping you even starting that world-beating project, until "the right time". This program will make you eager and ready to take on any challenge and make the time right to WIN!

Program #4

Super Manifestation Technique

This amazing audio has been designed to help you eliminate the harmful negative thinking and limitations holding you back in life - with ZERO effort. You'll begin to naturally think more about SUCCESS and start manifesting more success into your life as quickly as possible.

Program #5

Develop An Amazing Memory

Imagine having instant recall of any fact, movie, poem or event. The truth is, your subconscious already has every experience and fact stored in its archives and this program is carefully designed to give you instant access.

Program #6

Become A Powerful Decision Maker

We've already discussed how "Sleeping on it" can give you great solutions to perplexing problems. What this program will do is supercharge that ability and make it instantly available, night or day.

Program #7

Overcome Criticism Easily

Here's how to make yourself see criticism in the right light. See constructive criticism as it really is: useful feedback. And allow criticism born of jealousy to roll off you like water off a duck.

Program #8

Attracting Money And Wealth

Much of the hang ups, buried deep in our psyche, revolve around money. Yet financial freedom is vital if you are to live life to the full. So you need to erase entirely every negative thought about money. And this program does it, silently, skillfully and automatically!

Program #9

Massive Success In Business

Unless you inherit wealth, win the lottery or marry for money, your only realistic path to real wealth is through your own business. So, having erased any hang ups about money and your ability to get it, this program will equip you to become a tycoon in your chosen field.

Program #10

Learn To Love Yourself

This is one of the most powerful programs for personal happiness in the series, because so much of our happiness depends on good personal relationships. And, unless we love ourselves first, it's impossible for us to truly love another or to accept them loving us. That doesn't mean we have to love ourselves in any selfish way, simply that we need a healthy regard for ourselves.

Often, due to past programming, this is an aspect that blights many lives. So lie back and allow this program to transform your love life!

Program #11

Quit Smoking For Good

We all know smoking is bad for us and even if you've tried everything else, this program will work for you by going right to the heart of the problem and creating a complete aversion of this life shortening, money-sucking, disgusting habit.

Program #12

Lose Weight Quickly

Millions of people are now unhealthily fat and -- despite the hundreds of sure-fire diets out there -- they keep getting fatter. The reason is simple, you need the co-operation of your subconscious for success. So here, finally, are the keys to a new, slimmer, healthier you.


I know what you're thinking

Right now, I guess you're thinking, "Wow, Noel! This is an awesome package... I bet it will cost me an arm and a leg, huh?"

Well it's certainly true, it's difficult to put a realistic price on such a life-changing program. But first I need to make something crystal clear, and it's this...

I take all the risk here!

You see, I only want delighted customers. So, I want you to check out the program -- or at least part of it -- and see if you don't start to notice a sea change in your life, very quickly.

And, after enjoying all this for a full 90 days, if you don't agree with me about the awesome power my program has to transform your life for the better, I don't want your money and I insist you ask for it back, which I will cheerfully give you, no questions asked.

It essentially means you get to try everything for free.

In fact, here's my guarantee for you in writing:

Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

There's absolutely nobody else in the success-coaching world who will offer you this type of guarantee ...but I'm happy to do it because I know this will work for you.

Now I've set your mind at rest about that, let me delight you further by saying that -- despite the amazing power this program will grant you to redesign your life -- you won't be paying the sort of ten thousand dollar fees you would do if you consulted a lifestyle guru -- or even some eastern mystic.

Even if I charged you a ten thousand bucks, it would be the biggest bargain of your life: think about it, a guaranteed massive improvement in every important area of your life for less than the cost of a sea cruise? In fact, because there seems to be more and more unhappiness in the world all the time, we decided we can't make a profit out of misery.

Even so, we won't be much good to our future clients if we don't cover our research and production costs. So we are setting the price to make it accessible to as many people as possible, at just $97.00 for a completely transformed life.

Compare that with a few month's supply of antidepressants and other artificial substitutes for "real living" and it's peanuts.

But that's not all...

Because I'm going to make you an offer not many people are going to get, and it's this...

You see, I've only just finished putting the final touches to this groundbreaking audio library. So you will one of the very first people on the planet to take advantage of this cutting-edge material.

As you may know, I am already very successful with my own video product in this area of personal development. So much so, that I have the one thing I currently lack here: testimonials...

You see, almost every day, I receive more breathless praise like this...

So I don't think it will be too long before I will also be enjoying a flood of kind words about this product. But it's all a bit "Chicken and egg", because people are bound to be a bit cautious, until they can check out what others are saying. So help me out here, please...

Because I need some feedback. Now that doesn't mean I'm bribing you for breathless praise only... I will value any form of feedback, good or bad.

But I know you'll be delighted with this package. And, whether your comments are good or bad, I want to hear them. But I know you're busy, so here's a little incentive for you to drop me a line ...

I'm going to let the first few people grab this for a lot less than others will be paying shortly: so instead of the official price of $97.00, the first few lucky people can have the whole package for just $47.00. But, be warned ...

... as soon as I have enough nice comments and permission to put them on this web site, the price shoots up by 60% to the full $97.00. Even so, a fantastic bargain when you consider this will change your life!

Wait - there's more...

You see, the more problems we solved with this program the more ideas we got for further programs to fix specific conditions, like insomnia -- a massive problem that affects most people at some time or other. So right now, we are working on more programs, which we'll probably make available as a deluxe upgrade.

But, right now, I'd like to give the three programs we have already completed to you as my gift. So, if you are one of the first 25 early birds you will also get -- with my compliments -- these VIP gifts...


VIP Early Bird Gift #1 - "Instant Creativity Boost"

(Value $29.95)

Creating something is not only just about the most satisfying activity you can engage in. It can also be the fast track to making a fortune. So here's a special program using scientifically proven binaural brain wave technology to fire up your creativity to undreamt of heights. And it's yours free if you manage to be one of the first 25 people to grab this.


VIP Early Bird Gift #2 - "Power Nap Program"

(Value $29.95)

Some the world's movers and shakers, like President John F Kennedy, British wartime Prime Minster, Winston Churchill, Leonardo daVinci and Albert Einstein, were all power nappers, because it effectively recharged their energy reserves and doubled what they got out of each day.

If you have yet to try power napping - sleeping for twenty minutes after lunch, then you will be astonished how it effectively gives you two days for the price of one. And, even if you have tried power napping, you'll be amazed how this program will put your power nap on steroids. And you get it free of charge if you manage to be one of the first 25 people to grab this!


VIP Early Bird Gift #3 - "You'll Sleep Like A Baby"

(Value $29.95)

Amazingly, one in four people suffer from not being able to sleep at some point in their lives. So have this program ready in case it strikes you or your loved ones. Then the best night's sleep is only the touch of a button away. And this program is yours, free of charge, if you manage to be one of the first 25 people to claim your copy of Life Transformationz instant success library right now



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All these programs are available as an instant download, so you'll be able to access them five minutes from now and start to feel the results in a shorter time than you might think possible.

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If you want to transform your life and move on up to a whole new world of confidence - coiled spring motivation and increased self esteem ... where you are not wounded by every tiny piece of criticism.
If you want a life free of money worries and debt, perhaps running your own business and enjoying the admiration and respect of your friends and colleagues.
If you want to find your soul mate and know the joy of wonderful, lasting relationships.
If you want to supercharge your creativity - cultivate a super power memory and be able to make fast, correct decisions to complex problems.
If you want to finally quit smoking or lose that extra weight...
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In fact...

Here's A Quick Re-cap Of What You Get...

When you order now, you get immediate access to the following 12 life changing audios allowing you to "switch on" the massive hidden potential of your brain whenever you want to:


Life Transformationz Program #1 - Healthy Self Esteem

Possess an inner-drive that blasts through every obstacle with ease. This audio lifts your "internal" self-opinion - you'll start to FEEL more respect from YOURSELF, your loved ones and friends. Imagine... feeling eternally confident and limitless in your own abilities because your self-belief grows stronger every day? Your aura will shine.

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #2 - Skyrocket Your Self Confidence

Enjoy overwhelming self confidence in ANY situation. Just imagine how having more confidence can improve multiple areas of your life? In business, in your social circles, while meeting new people, even among family. This audio improves confidence in ALL areas.

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #3 - Fire Up Your Motivation

Rev up your motivation-dynamo to mind-blowing heights! It's time to "get off the couch" and empower yourself with vigor, energy and LIFE! Listen to this audio for a wonderful boost in your daily motivation!

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #4 - Superior Manifestation Technique

Manifest and attract SUCCESS into your life faster than you think is possible! This amazing audio will adjust, switch on and "tune-in" to your powerful subconscious 'success' mindset - helping you to attract success at every corner. A wonderful (and improved) life is just over the horizon for you...

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #5 - Develop An Amazing Memory

Enjoy a super-power memory. You will now naturally absorb and recall information easily and accurately. Listen to this powerful audio and you'll begin to recall names, faces, facts and numbers like you've never done before. Try it yourself and find out how cool it is to have a better memory and be able to focus and retain what you learn!

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #6 - Become A Powerful Decision Maker

The ability to make quick, strong decisions is a POWERFUL life skill to have. Now you can quickly and easily become a more powerful and decisive person, express your ideas clearly - and get more of what you want out of life!

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #7 - Overcome Criticism Easily

Do you worry about what others think? Are you sometimes too self-conscious, or 'overly' sensitive of other's opinions of you? It's time to "rise above" this emotional captivity - Become immune from unfair criticism and finally start feeling better about yourself!

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #8 - Attracting Money And Wealth

The good news is, this audio requires NO effort on your part! It's specially designed to effortlessly help you replace negative beliefs with new empowering and positive beliefs for attracting money and wealth into your life. Listening to this audio regularly will start to magically draw financial abundance into your life like a magnet.

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #9 - Massive Success In Business

Create breathtaking success in any business venture! If you're in business yourself (or you want to be) then you will want to make it as successful as you possibly can. With this audio, you relax whilst your brain absorbs powerful subliminal messages designed to motivate you towards creating a dynamic and successful business.

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #10 - Learn To Love Yourself

This amazing audio will supercharge your capacity to love - both yourself and others. If you "lack" a healthy respect and love for yourself - many other areas of your life will suffer, which is totally preventable and unnecessary. It's time to discover this important self-love.

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #11 - Quit Smoking For Good

Do you smoke? Imagine what would it feel like to never need another cigarette again? Listen to this transformational audio and finally you can give up smoking for good! This audio will make your life (plus resisting those ugly "cravings") much, much easier...

Valued at $34.95

Life Transformationz Program #12 - Lose Weight Quickly

Yes! Now you can finally shed those unwanted, stubborn pounds forever! You'll never again let those "hard-to-get-rid-of" inches get the better of you. This audio will help you "take control" of emotional hunger and cravings. Now you can literally ‘think yourself thin’ and release the fat!

Valued at $34.95


THREE Special FREE Bonuses For The Next 25 Lucky People Who Order Today!


Bonus Program #1 - "Instant Creativity Boost"

Want to come alive and think more creatively? This audio will get your creative juices flowing, in no time! You can unleash your inner creative-genius, today!

Valued at $29.95

Bonus Program #2 - The "Power Nap"

If you’re ever feeling tired during the day and need a quick "power nap", this audio will take you through a complete sleep cycle in just 20 minutes. You’ll feel completely refreshed afterwards!

Valued at $29.95

Bonus Program #3 - "You'll Sleep Like A Baby"

No more sleepless nights of tossing and turning in frustration. Get the knack of sleeping like a baby anywhere, anytime. Just press 'play' and listen to this audio.

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Here's to your new life of overwhelming success,

Noel Jones
Melbourne, Australia.

Life and Personal Success Coach

Subliminal and binaural entrainment expert

P.S. Remember, the risk is all mine, because you're completely protected by my "total satisfaction or your money back" guarantee, so the only risk you run is missing out on changing every area of your life for the better by not grabbing this right now, whilst it's still hot in your mind.

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