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From: Noel Jones
Master NLP Practitioner 
Success Acceleration Coach


This letter is of critical importance to you -- so I'll get straight to the point with no warm up... here's the startling truth:

Did you know, your brain is functioning - right now - at less than 4% of its true potential?

Have you ever wondered what the other 96% was for?

And more importantly - if you could upgrade the power, speed and agility of your mind, how much of a difference that would make to your life, your relationships, your career ... and the world around you?

What if you could easily and effortlessly tap into an endless stream of intelligence... literally, as simply as a thought?

Or better yet, what if I handed over to you today for FREE the most amazing set of audios - that will allow you to "switch on" the massive hidden potential of your brain whenever you want to!

Sound good to you?

Well it looks like today is your lucky day.

Pretty much everyone who comes to this page requests their FREE Audios straight away. If you’re like nearly everyone else, that’s what you’ll do too.

Probably means you already know me (Noel Jones), and you immediately recognize this deal is so good you must have it. I like that about you.

So I won’t hold it against you if you just skip all the writing on this page, and request your FREE Audios right now.

Now if, on the other hand, you’re one of those who says, “I need more information about this whole thing,” I totally understand. Don’t blame you one bit. Keep reading for the whole story.

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This May Only Last Hours… Or Even Just MINUTES…

Today, possibly only for the next few hours (heck, maybe even minutes), you have the chance to get your hands on some of the best sounding subliminal and brainwave entrainment audios ever made available.

Take note that these aren’t just “demos” or promotional recordings – they’re the same inspiring programs I sell on my main site for hundreds of dollars. That's right. People have paid top dollar to get their hands on these audios, and today you’re getting them for FREE.

What's more, you're not just getting one singularly focused audio track... I'm giving you today The Complete Life Transformationz Audio Library consisting of TWELVE full revolutionary programs - each scientifically created using the latest in cutting-edge audio technology to maximize results in specific areas of your life.

When you claim yours today, we'll ship this amazing pack right out to you. All we ask is that you help out with the shipping.

You can now easily transform your life from average to AWESOME!

You see, in my ten year mission to tap the awesome power of the mind I've become known as an expert on the technical aspects of mind programming, specifically using videos and sound.

What's more I already have experience in producing a very successful set of videos that are getting phenomenal results for people (more on that later).

So when it comes to helping you improve the power and ability of your mind to live a more rich and rewarding life... I know exactly how to create intelligent audio and visual technology to empower your mind to give you all the results you want, as effortlessly as possible.

In fact, almost every day, I receive more breathless praise like this...

"You've turned my life around... I'm experiencing tremendous relief from the pressures of life ... I now see days rife with opportunity! I'm literally discovering the new world every single day! ..." - Racheal Kimani
"Hi Noel, Wow it was amazing.... after applying your formulas in my life I am getting success for which I was thinking it will not be possible for me to achieve." - Mamta, India
"I am so much grateful ... You cant believe how may people you have helped change their lives ... Here in Kenya, Me and my friends like the way you are crossing borders to reach those who at some point in life have given up. We will always be grateful." - Margaret, Nairobi , Kenya
"I am lost for words to the great heart you have, there is no amount whatsoever can repay you ... I passed my exam highly, I am out of the blues - money, money! ... I even got a promotion! My life has never been the same" - Ken Wekesa, London, UK.
"Hi Noel, Thanks very much for your have changed the way I think in a BIG way, I now live an optemistic life, which is more goal directed" - Siqiniseko, Medunsa - South Africa
Wow! Thank you Noel! ...Thank you I needed to hear that today and like always.... ALWAYS send me what I need to hear at the exact right moment that I need it ! I am so grateful! You are a blessing to me...!" - Ashley, Los Angeles, California

And that's just a tiny sample. As you can see, people’s lives are being transformed, everyday, from using my techniques, video programs and life coaching

But here’s where it gets really exciting…

I've now combined my own personal experience and ten years research into successful subliminal mind programming - to create a groundbreaking program for totally effortless mind re-programming.

The "Life Transformationz Instant Success Program"

And the best part is,

I’m Going To Flat Out GIVE You This Completely New “Life Transformationz Audio Library” For Free when you pay just the shipping & handling!

 (That’s $419.40 Value) 100% FREE!!!

What’s great is, the Life Transformationz Package is so effective, because there are no affirmations to recite and no books to read.

That's right. Everything you need to succeed is contained in twelve amazing audios.

Now you can unlock your brain’s massive potential anytime you want, with just a pair of headphones…

And, the beauty is the whole process is automatic.

All you do is find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed, lie down, relax and switch on.

You'll then be gently relaxed by soothing, hypnotic soundscapes. In fact, these are some of the best sounding subliminal and brainwave entrainment audios I’ve ever heard!

Then the magic begins...

Because there are other signals in the sounds, of which you will be unaware ...

And these will slow the rhythm of your brain activity down from the normal Beta level down to an Alpha state and from there, even slower, to the Theta level.

The Theta state is just like before you fall asleep, when your subconscious mind is most amenable to suggestions and your conscious mind switched off. (This is extremely important).

The overall effect is that:

The precisely worded subliminal messages contained in each program easily pass, unhindered, directly into the subconscious mind, making them totally effective and bringing about the changes you want surprisingly quickly.

All you do is select which of the twelve life changing programs you want to concentrate on, slip on your headphones, lay back and relax … while your new life is being prepared for you behind the scenes. Absolutely EFFORT FREE.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting Right Now

Component #1:
Full twelve revolutionary programs, each scientifically created to maximize results in specific areas...

Program #1

Healthy Self Esteem
Valued at $34.95

The foundation upon which all your success is built is having a high regard for yourself. So this is the foundation program, upon which all the other programs build. You'll find your self-belief grows stronger every day. Your aura will shine.


Program #2

Skyrocket Your Self Confidence
Valued at $34.95

Most people fail before they start, purely because they lack confidence and therefore expect to fail. So, once you have worked on your self esteem, this program will give you the bullet-proof confidence to tackle any project in sure and certain expectation of rip-roaring success.


Program #3

Fire Up Your Motivation
Valued at $34.95

Along with lack of confidence, procrastination and lack of motivation can rob you of success, by stopping you even starting that world-beating project, until "the right time". This program will make you eager and ready to take on any challenge and make the time right to WIN!


Program #4

Manifest Super Success
Valued at $34.95

This amazing audio has been designed to help you eliminate the harmful negative thinking and limitations holding you back in life - with ZERO effort. You'll begin to naturally think more about SUCCESS and start manifesting more success into your life as quickly as possible.

Program #5

Develop An Amazing Memory
Valued at $34.95

Imagine having instant recall of any fact, movie, poem or event. The truth is, your subconscious already has every experience and fact stored in its archives and this program is carefully designed to give you instant access.

Program #6

Become A Powerful Decision Maker
Valued at $34.95

We've already discussed how "Sleeping on it" can give you great solutions to perplexing problems. What this program will do is supercharge that ability and make it instantly available, night or day.

Program #7

Overcome Criticism Easily
Valued at $34.95

Here's how to make yourself see criticism in the right light. See constructive criticism as it really is: useful feedback. And allow criticism born of jealousy to roll off you like water off a duck

Program #8

Attracting Money And Wealth
Valued at $34.95

Much of the hang ups, buried deep in our psyche, revolve around money. Yet financial freedom is vital if you are to live life to the full. So you need to erase entirely every negative thought about money. And this program does it, silently, skillfully and automatically!

Program #9

Massive Success In Business
Valued at $34.95

Unless you inherit wealth, win the lottery or marry for money, your only realistic path to real wealth is through your own business. So, having erased any hang ups about money and your ability to get it, this program will equip you to become a tycoon in your chosen field.

Program #10

Learn To Love Yourself
Valued at $34.95

This is one of the most powerful programs for personal happiness in the series, because so much of our happiness depends on good personal relationships. And, unless we love ourselves first, it's impossible for us to truly love another or to accept them loving us. That doesn't mean we have to love ourselves in any selfish way, simply that we need a healthy regard for ourselves.

Often, due to past programming, this is an aspect that blights many lives. So lie back and allow this program to transform your love life!

Program #11

Quit Smoking For Good
Valued at $34.95

We all know smoking is bad for us and even if you've tried everything else, this program will work for you by going right to the heart of the problem and creating a complete aversion of this life shortening, money-sucking, disgusting habit.

Program #12

Lose Weight Quickly
Valued at $34.95

Millions of people are now unhealthily fat and -- despite the hundreds of sure-fire diets out there -- they keep getting fatter. The reason is simple, you need the co-operation of your subconscious for success. So here, finally, are the keys to a new, slimmer, healthier you.

What an incredible package, right?

As I mentioned earlier, the Life Transformationz audios are very easy to use. You simply slip on a pair of headphones (or use ear buds), and you can begin seeing impressive changes IMMEDIATELY.

There's NO learning curve, no "hidden stuff" you have to think about or figure out ...nothing.

You simply sit back, relax, listen to the audios, and literally "switch on" the massive hidden potential of your brain whenever you want to!


All Twelve Audio Programs, Yours Today, 100% Free...

...and all you have to do is pay S&H (a low flat $12.95 to anywhere in the world) to have a copy of all TWELVE Life Transformationz Audios shipped straight to your door!

Just Let Us Know Where To Ship Your New Audio Library!

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Now listen: If you were to invest in these programs individually, you would pay $34.95 for each of them. We’re not exaggerating when we say this is a real world value of $419.40!

And you can rest assured that these are the very same life transforming audios that people have paid top dollar for!

So by now you're probably wondering,

Why Give All These Amazing Life Transforming Audios Away For Free?

That’s a great question. And even easier to answer.

Firstly because we want to start a relationship with you. And giving away high quality products is one of the best ways I know how to do this.

You see, hopefully you like what we have to offer (and you’ll also get to experience first hand how we over-deliver on our promises!), after experiencing our unparalleled support and service, you may even decide to return to us in the future for your life improvement needs.  In fact, I'd like to help you even further by extending some of the most phenomenally powerful life coaching to you (more on that in a moment).

Because what's even more important than this, is the fact that so many people are struggling out there.

Whether it be in their careers … their finances … dealing with an anxious health issue … or even suffering from the pain of a broken heart. 

Every day, I get bombarded with questions from people who are struggling in their life (and in their business) and looking for answers.

Phone calls...emails... you name it. Every day, all day, more requests for help roll in.

Of course, I have some phenomenal life changing programs - and I offer personal consulting to a select number of clients. But the truth is, my programs and timetable can't handle the volume of requests I receive.

And I want to help. I really want to help as many people as I can.

So here's what we're going to do...

On top of the Life Transformationz audios, I’m going to gift you what is perhaps some of the most richly inspiring, life and mind-mastery training that you’ve ever seen!

This is no joke.

You Also get This Bonus 100% Free…

4 whole weeks of unbeatable, step-by-step training from an Expert Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist and Master Results Coach, for FREE!

That's right! You read that correctly.  

See, we're not only giving you the complete "Life Transformationz Audio Library", you're also getting 4 weeks free trial access to our brand new Breakthrough to Brilliance Weekly Personal Coaching.

This is amazing enough, but even more remarkable is WHO will be coaching you!

Check this out...

Running this coaching is my close friend and personal mentor - Master Performance and Life Optimization Coach, Richard A. Luck. And if you haven’t heard of Richard before – then you’re in for a treat!

Here’s why:

For starters, his ingenious coaching style incorporates the latest in personal development, cutting-edge mind sciences - as well as the most advanced tools on the planet for accelerated human change!

His training is phenomenal, it's inspiring…and absolutely life-changing. You really have to experience it to believe it.

If you were to visit Richard as a private client, you’d be out of pocket anywhere between $650 and $850 for just one session.
So the value you’re getting here is unbelievable!

Here you get unlimited access to 4 full weeks of unbeatable coaching.


·         A brand new awe-inspiring and compelling weekly lesson
 (Full color, 15 – 20 pages in length, in .PDF format)

·         A powerful step-by-step practical exercise to propel you
much closer toward your goals

·         A brilliant and exclusive guided NLP Audio and/or Video training session
(these audios are life-changing!)

·         As well as: VIP discounts, guided visualizations, relaxing meditations, hypnotic inductions, video lessons and special unadvertised bonuses to help improve your personal mastery beyond what you can even imagine is possible right now!

It's literally like you have your own professional lifestyle guru personally offering you his wisdom, guidance and support, along with the perfect accompaniment of audio & visual tools to keep you inspired, encouraged, and giving you the only thing that matters: REAL LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS.

Here's Why This Will Help You

Well it's simple. A lot of “self help” teachers and training programs talk about stuff that used to work (or worse) should work (but maybe doesn't).

On the flip side of the coin, Richard has helped literally thousands of people and couples to uncover their personal power and enjoy the kind of fulfillment, inner-peace, gratitude, abundance, love and joy that most others only dream of.
And now he’s also offering to help you.

With Richard’s help, you can now easily…

Banish fears that hold you back... almost instantly!
Break negative habits and replace them with new, positive habits in no time flat
Program yourself for phenomenal success by using the latest in leading-edge mind sciences and new psychology to enhance your performance in every area of life
Stop garbage mind chatter in your head and turn the corner to a new life... a fun dream life that you create.
Wipe out worry, anxiety, doubt and all other destructive thought patterns from your life, for good!
Realize vast increases in your intuition, and a profound improvement in your self-awareness (your entire outlook on life becomes expanded)
Learn how to easily empower your children with NEW positive traits and behaviors of success, achievement, mindfulness, confidence and self-empowerment (Can you imagine how that would be useful for them in their life?)
Discover how to attract financial abundance (you’ll learn step-by-step how to enhance your mindset to receive unlimited financial wealth)
Begin to re-kindle the fire of passion in your romantic relationships (and even discover how to attract the perfect love relation…)
And much, much more.

In short,

You’re guaranteed 4 phenomenal weeks of:

“The most valuable mind expanding tools ~ self-awareness training ~ and personal empowerment coaching you’ve ever experienced”

Noel, this all seems too good to be true.

What’s the catch..?

Well, there is a catch (but it’s only a small one).

See, our hope is that you'll get totally hooked on Breakthrough to Brilliance Coaching and that you'll want to stay on as a member for the duration of the program - the program only lasts 26 weeks!

If you like the 4 free weekly lessons (and I PROMISE YOU WILL) then we'll keep coaching you. If not, let us know and we'll stop immediately.
We believe that if you use what we teach you, you'll get great results and you'll be happy and eager to receive your next lesson each week!

If that's the case, then I’m going to offer you this second amazing bonus…

Amazing (Last Minute) Bonus #2:

To keep this life changing training within the reach of as many people as possible, I wanted to do something very special...

Here's the deal: Richard will soon be charging (a minimum) $47 a month for ongoing access to his Breakthrough to Brilliance™ master coaching (and that’s at the discounted price!).

But (after a fair bit of arm twisting and sweet-talking!), here’s what I’ve managed to arrange for you...

If you enjoy your 4 free weeks and want us to keep coaching you - then we’re going to grandfather you in to the Breakthrough to Brilliance master coaching at a special discounted charter member rate of only $19.95 a month (instead of $47 a month!)

That's over $27/month savings!

This means if you enjoy the coaching, you can continue for less than half the normal retail price.

If that's the case, simply do nothing and we'll charge the $19.95 monthly dues to your credit card.

If you don't think it's for you, that's cool too. Just call us, email us, or go to our support site before the 28 days is up and we'll never bill you.

This truly is the most amazing deal I’ve ever offered you.

And no matter what you decide… can still keep the entire "Life Transforming" Audio Library for FREE!

Pretty square deal, right?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I can't think of any opportunity that will help you to: expand your mind, and change your life faster and easier and more affordable (free) than this one.

Can you?

So what are you waiting for...

Claim Your FREE Access Now!

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All This, Yours Today, 100% Free...

...and all you have to do is pay S&H (a low flat $12.95 to anywhere in the world) to have a copy of all TWELVE Life Transformationz Audios shipped straight to your door!

Just Let Us Know Where To Ship Your New Audio Library!

Here’s where it’s at:
If you want to transform your life and move on up to a whole new world of confidence - coiled spring motivation and increased self esteem ... where you are not wounded by every tiny piece of criticism.
If you want a life free of money worries and debt, perhaps running your own business and enjoying the admiration and respect of your friends and colleagues.
If you want to find your soul mate and know the joy of wonderful, lasting relationships.
If you want to supercharge your creativity - cultivate a super power memory and be able to make fast, correct decisions to complex problems.
If you want to finally quit smoking or lose that extra weight...
And if you want to quickly & easily banish fears that hold you back, stop garbage mind chatter in your head... and turn the corner to a new life... a joyful dream life that you create...

... then there’s only one rational thing you can possibly do next... and that's


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In less than 5 minutes, you can have complete access to the entire Life-Transformationz Audio Library, all of the bonuses and the brilliant Personal Mastery Coaching for only...

OVER $419.40 Value Today yours FREE!

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Audio Library And Bonuses Today



(Includes 4 Free issues of “Breakthrough to Brilliance" Personal Mastery Coaching.  There's no obligation whatsoever.  If it isn't everything we promised and more, then just cancel in the first 28 days and you will not be charged a single dollar. If on the other hand you absolutely love it, then just do nothing and you may continue receiving this brilliant weekly coaching for a low $19.95 a month (usually $47/month - that’s a $27.05/month saving!)


This offer is not likely to ever be made again. So, grab this package while you can right now  ... and watch the "new you" emerge in only minutes a day with NO effort on your part.

I honestly believe (and know) that these audios and coaching will change your business and your life forever. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your dreams and desires..

My Best,

Noel Jones
Melbourne, Australia.
Life and Personal Success Coach
Subliminal and binaural entrainment expert



To make this even more exciting for you, I’ve decided to also give you instant access to the recordings online - as soon as you sign up while you're waiting for the hard copy version to get to you in the mail. 

You will also be given instant access to your First free issue of the Breakthrough to Brilliance mastery coaching (in .PDF & mp3 format).

Click HERE for instant access right now to all TWELVE of these life changing audios and your first coaching session - and begin to feel these incredible benefits IMMEDIATELY.



(but only for the first 350 people!)

THREE Additional Audios For The Next 350 Lucky

People Who Take Quick Action Today!

(Not many people will get this, so you better hurry if you want this bonus…)

I'd like to give the following three carefully mastered brainwave entrainment audios to you as my gift.

These tracks have been specially designed to create the relaxed and creative state of mind specific for each audio. These audios contain no subliminal messages.

But you get them only if you’re one of the first 350 “early birds” who claim your Life Transformationz Free Audio Package Today…


Early Bird Gift 1 - Instant Creativity Boost
Valued at $29.95

Want to come alive and think more creatively? This audio will get your creative juices flowing, in no time! You can unleash your inner creative-genius, today!

Early Bird Gift 2 - Power Nap Program
Valued at $29.95

If you’re ever feeling tired during the day and need a quick "power nap", this audio will take you through a complete sleep cycle in just 20 minutes. You’ll feel completely refreshed afterwards!

Early Bird Gift 3 - You'll Sleep Like A Baby
Valued at $29.95

No more sleepless nights of tossing and turning in frustration. Get the knack of sleeping like a baby anywhere, anytime. Just press 'play' and listen to this audio. The best night's sleep is only the touch of a button away.

And these programs are yours, free of charge, if you manage to be one of the first 350 people to have your audios shipped to you today.


This Brings Your Total Package Value Up To $509.25 PLUS Your FREE Month's Personal Mastery Coaching!

claim your 3 extra bonuses today!

 Note: There are only 350 of these three amazing bonus CD’s available. Claim yours now, because every visitor who clicks that button below makes one less set of those 350 bonuses for you to enjoy.


Yes Noel! I want to transform my life for the better with your effort-free revolutionary audios, and awesome coaching.

This amazingly rare offer is so incredible, And to be honest, life can only get better since coming across this special page and taking advantage of these audios and free weekly coaching from an expert trainer and master results coach!

I hope I'm early enough to get the three very useful extra bonus programs.

But, even if I miss out entirely on the three great bonuses, today is my lucky day to have come across this page - and the start of many more lucky days!

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You'll be given instant access to the complete audio program (even if it's 3am in the morning!)


NOTE: We use Click Bank to process all orders. Click Bank uses the strongest security anti-fraud features available on the Internet and never stores your financial data on their system. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one else can access your sensitive financial information.



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